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* NOTE: You are not required to place any funds during the bidding process. Only the winner will be sent the payment instructions with the encrypted download link to the server files.

Dominate the scene with the best Interlude files in the market

L2Dawn has been online for 2 years, starting from the May, 2015 until the May, 2017.
All those 2 years the server files have been constantly updated and modified to fully match the retail specifics as much as possible.
We have fixed and solved all the common L2OFF issues: quests, AI, dialogues, positioning issues, drops and spoils, geodata, herbs and much more.
This is your limited chance to lay hands on the best Interlude server files available for L2OFF.

Placing your bid

Before placing a potential bid, please make sure you become familiar with the rules and guidelines:

No funds are needed to place a bid. Please indicate your bid, if your bid wins, you will be contacted via your indicated email with PayPal instructions.

Make sure you enter valid data - you can only bid once before being IP locked from further bidding.

The highest bidder will be automatically contacted by the system with PayPal instructions when the auction ends.

Once the payment of a said bid is completed an encrypted download link of the server files will be automatically generated and delivered to the winner.

In event of no response from a winner the second highest bidder will be automatically contacted.

The bidding currency is Euros (EUR). Minimum bidding amount is 250 EUR.

If you agree and understand the guidelines posted above, please use the bidding form below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory.

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