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Happy Birthday SKARR!
Happy Birthday SKARR! We hope to see you again on Dawn 2.0.
Happy birthday dorfy SKARR!
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Thanks for your kind words guys! I appreciate it! <3
Unfortunatelly the chance of me being part of the L2Dawn 2.0 GM team is low, I wouldn't want to be in the team's way. There is a chance I might play though, being a regular player will not come with so many responsabilities. I do miss the world of L2 and I'll do my best to be part of it as long as my time will allow it.
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
I ban bots since 1923...
Hey SKARR <3 Most def buddy you'll be loved either way.
Clan: Blood Pledge


Dorfy SKARR won't be a gm this time? Good. Dorfy would like to remind dorfy SKARR of his debt. With interest, it has reached 9kkk adena. FeelsGoodMan
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