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Advanced L2 File Editor

thanks for posting this file editor.
I still cant make one message go away from my chat Big Grin ...
"Spoil condition has been activated" should be shown only in my system message window and not in normal chat window. (System msgs are disabled in my normal chat window)
It is annoying if I'm chatting and spoiling at the same time.

I would be appreciated if someone could help me out.

Thanks in advance,
You can put it on the screen and remove from chat.

Select the OnScreenMsg checkbox, put 1 or 2 sec.

Thanks for reply.
I know that option with on-screen messages. But how I do remove that message from my main chat? I want it only in my system message chat.

Did you try it?
The check box when selected control message displayed on the screen and not shown in chat.

Maybe it is a bug in client.

I tried to reinstall my client but it didnt help.
If check box is selected msg appears in both chats (main chat + system-message chat) and on screen.
If check box is not selected msg appears only in chats. And I cant remove it from my normal chat.
Any ideas? :)

Did you try edit file from l2dawn client or file from origunal version?
Hello Hoh,

thanks for answer.
I tried that one from L2dawn patch.
To see what happens I tried from original client too, but File Editor cant even open that file.
You think I should download the client from L2Dawn?

I downloaded l2dawn client and tried again. Same thing.

.bmp   Shot00000.bmp (Size: 292.4 KB / Downloads: 34)
anyone has any ideas how to get rid of unwanted spoil msgs in main chat? :)
Sounds like a job for Icy Big Grin
However I am not sure you can hide messages.
I will check my file again for this message. Will update you in the evening.

I seen something strage with this spoil.

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