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GUIDE: Money Making Quests
Black Swan quest in Heine is good, it's not a adena quest.. but it gives great mats as rewards.

Mobs are 1/2 hp and die super fast.

One quest items trades for adena. 100 fangs is around 6k (and very fast to get)

One quest item you swap for mats.. animals bones, CBP, SOP, leather and lots more.

Quest is Lv.32-36 great for non-spoilers to get some cash.
I wish the guide included hgher-lvl quests too! Like Coin Collector in Hunters Village or Seductive Whispers in Aden or the one from Antharas Watchman in Death Pass.
the dream

To the point.
The coin collecting quest works fairly well. If i remember correctly i got the sepa recipe from it when i was ~58-60 lvl. At that lvl this can mean a great joy;). Just plan what do you want to exchange from the q and hunt for the medals accordingly.
This quest will make nothing for rich people but newcomers will find it enjoyable (and maybe profitable).
I think the other rewards are not worth perhaps except the full plate helmet. Timak orcs, formors, oel mahums and DV mobs will be your best friends.
Seductive whispers...huhh. Hard to say anything, success depends on your expectations and luck;).
I got 3 or 4 60% B weapon recipe from ~4000? or 5000? spirit beads, this can be an adequate result. As i experienced if you are lucky you can get one recipe from 7-800 bead. Maybe else has better fortune.
Yesterday i forfeited 3100 bead with no result however my goal was to win 8 consecutive plays. I couldnt reach even the fifth win. Never tried stop at any other number of wins (only 5 or 8) but there are other rewards in this quest of course.
Cemetery from 50 to ~56, after then devastated are your playground.
From here you can combine it with other collecting quests (red gem, stolen infernum ore, remains of aden residents, snake scales). Same as the coin collecting: check them on the net (rewards, mobs) and choose your hunting ground accordingly.
I know there are better quests at these levels, just wrote this in the hope i will clear some questions about the topic.
Thanks for reading.
This is pretty good guide how to get much adena in lineage 2
Shouldn't you get banned already?
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(05-15-2015, 10:10 PM)Amrx Wrote: Blood Fiend

Start Level: 21
Start Location: Elven Village
Race: All

It's incorrect:
Race: All except Dark Elves
I've updated it Laurub, damn had it wrong for almost 4 and a half years!

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