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Guide (Interlude): Critical Skill Hit Dependance with STR Stat (not just for Daggers)
(12-05-2016, 07:11 PM)Hassassin Wrote:
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PL is really nice indeed, but to get +6 it will take me a while.
Im also using maj light, but the main set for PVP/E will be dark crystal light for now.
If weight limit was not a problem probably I would take all of them with me. To not forget mithril set +6.

I am not sure why many do not OE C/B weapons and want S dagger. I am currently using a demon dagger+CD for PVP and will keep it for a long time.

Does anyone know how much PVP damage bonus is for A+ weapons?
5% for A, 10% for S
(12-16-2016, 01:37 AM)Brittle Wrote:
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Gj bickering on a tutorial thread guys. I thought you wanted this forum to be clean and troll free xD
@op CON certainly doesn't make you immortal but it can definitely help you survive archer and mage crits. And it's not like STR adds much to your skill damage anyway  ;)

this is the new flame section - I wasnt bickering just wondering why you would play a dagger as the ultimate glass canon (which only works for archer imo since they are ranged lol)
@Suvex what about some math for sa crit.dmg vs haste? i'm sure with standard buffs crit.dmg is better, but i'm curious if with dances, cov, draco armor, sa haste (on th is even better since it have the boost haste passive) the reuse delay of the skills can be more valuable than the raw damage.
DEX is not responsible for critical/double damage from physical skills in Interlude.
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Nie chce mi sie tego wszystkiego czytać, ale weźcie naprawcie mu tego łucznika bo to wczoraj było smutne jak strzelał we mnie po 250, a ja go BDkiem po 3k.
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I didn't know how physical skill reuse time worked, so I underrated +DEX as an important tattoo in interlude (though you can find the right amount of DEX to keep the best reuse time, even decreasing DEX).

Constants in formula now have more decimals.

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