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Blood Pledge International Clan
[Image: BPdeath_zpsnfa7q4da.jpg]

Blood Pledge a Veteran clan of Retail & PTS is seeking out active loyal players to fill its ranks. The clans main language is English but we have a variety of players from around the World (USA, Brasil, Latin America, Spain & Greece). Looking for players who play around GMT-4 Timezone. Any questions feel free to respond to this post or message one of our following Officers below.

Leader: Krusnik

Officers: Poseidonas, Letty, Jappie, Rar, TyphoonAxe

Clans Origins: 2008+ Hindemith/Phoenix/Chronos Retail.
                         L2Evoke, L2Azure, L2Dawn PTS.
05/03/2016 Updated List: Classes Needed If possible.

Swordsinger x2 

Overlord x1

Warlock x1 

Bishop x2

Nukers x5 

Elemental Summoner x2

Elven Elder x2 
Thank you for inviting me!

Looking for active players. We would like to get support classes. We are international and very friendly.
Still Looking for more Fighter Classes (preferably destroyer & archers) & BladeDancer/Overlord/Bishop for CP / PvP Parties.
Clan: Blood Pledge


Hello krus,still dagger bro?:)
HEY How are you! Decided to go Spellsinger that was my retail class Tongue been awhile since i played caster, Normally HE or TH on PTS
Clan: Blood Pledge


Tried to catch you in game, Krusnik, but without a success :-) At least I spoke with M4kePwnz a little bit. Please, leave me a PM when you will be there again.
I saw that :), I send you a priv message with my skype so you can contact me there.
Clan: Blood Pledge


Hello, what classes do you need? I am thinking to start playing on this server and need help for the start

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