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[Image: unreal_tournament_logo_icon_by_mahesh69a-d42bbo4.png]

Unreal Tournament Season is coming back to L2Dawn, this time much improved. 

Our last year event's presentational video:

(forgive the Siri voice, DrPen was not a GM yet when this video was made  Frankerz )

What is Unreal Tournament?

The event is based on a popular FPS game series "Unreal Tournament" game modes:

Changes to the ruleset for the current year:

* Event rewards are no longer Event Coins, but Champion Coins, the same ones used for the TvT rewards, 
which means the rewards you can get by obtaining the Champion Coins for participating in Unreal Tournament
 are not obtainable otherwise (TvT exclusive hats) or
are very hard to get (Blessed Enchant Scrolls).
* Every week throughout Friday and Sunday there will be a different event 
(Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run, Capture The Flag, Onslaught). 
All events will end their cycle in 4 weeks and then will repeat themselves again up until the Christmas.
* Items no longer spawn on the ground. Instead, NPCs spawn inside the preparation room, each player is given a fixed amount of adena to buy no grade gear from them for his choice.
* All events are moderated by GMs to ensure quality and stability. 

Last Man Standing will begin 2016/10/07 20:00 GMT + 2
You can browse the TvT rewards at the NPC in fantasy island. It's located on a platform near the central square.
[Image: m7ce8.jpg]  
well last man standing is/was a S grade char event. Why invite lvl 10 chars ?
Thanks to all participants. The rewards will be sent to everyone throughout this week.
ut 2004 so many memories, I was beast of instagib ctf back in the day
MptekiaGemista Wrote: There will be no more videos from now on. Nothing.

As from now, we stopped all of our in-game wars, because wars have no place in a such friendly community.

Thanks for understanding

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