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Outlaws recruiting
We're recruiting.

I'm looking for serious players with mindset of mutual benefit. Posting in advance to give solo players a chance for a better start in bigger community - in Outlaws.

Candidates must:
- be mature, rabble is not tolerated
- use voice com, for purpose of communication and spy detection
- have low/mid experience
- to use clan forum and to remain updated with clan documentation
- too cooperate with the rest in every aspect on every level

About Outlaws:
Clan's core: Polish
Clan's policy: Social
Ally: in shape, confidential atm
Clan's activity: All epics, sieges, oly, active raiding
Voice com: TS3 - mandatory

What makes us diffrent?
We run custom currency plan that allows players to gather points and use them to buy clan gear we all work hard for. That gives an equal chance to everybody if active and removes any possible accusations of "connections" in clan due to large core.

What I expect:
Activity, not everyday - we all have our duties.
Communication - playing with voice com must be your default.
Subordination. It's a serious clan, I expect serious approach to the game.

Interested? Got questions? By applying on priv, describe:
- your age
- experience
- played and favourite classes
- your character's plan
- established in-game availability
Kieyra Bowborn of the House Proland, First of Her Name, the Uncaught, Queen of the Moonlight Sentinels and the First Archers, Empress of the Disciples, Breaker of Winds, and Mother of Outlaws.

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