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Basic Rules for Area 51 members
Area 51 is basically the Anarchy zone of Dawn. No server's social rules apply and the Administration takes no responsibily of what is posted here: 

[Image: area51_1768301a-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bq...gFKEo0.jpg]

[Area 51]
1) All types of reports coming from this thread will be ignored. 
2) No content will be taken seriously or into consideration. 
3) Suggestions will be ignored and viewed as trolling. 

Thereby by using everything inside this Forum Category you agree that:

1) The staff takes no responsibility and no involvement.
2) You are using this category as the service after reading the rules and fully complied with them , at your own risk. 

That being said there are some basic formalities that still apply and are not allowed:

1) Real life threats.
2) Content such as pornography, physical / racial/ gender assault. 
3) Exposure of user's private data (name, surname, email address, real photos, address(es). 
4) Advertising. 
5) Trashtalking against the server or the staff.
6) Conspiracy theories against the server.
7) Real money trading or other type of in-game goods. 
8) Trading of server non-related services and goods. 
9) Sharing of private account information.
10) Links containing / leading to potentially malicious or harmful files/ data/ websites or content that is not tolerated by the server rules.
11) Malicious files and other content against the rule 10 being uploaded. 

These rules can be updated at any time prior to no warning. 

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