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2x 12 years veterans LF clan/community
As mentioned in the title we're two "veterans" looking for a place to stay, we started about 3 days ago and the feeling is kinda meh without a community to talk/share ideas with, we're 2 dwarves BH/WS (not 2nd class yet we're waiting for 7signs to restart) with an SE box, we're set on the idea of leveling dwarves so if u want DPSers/support players that's gonna have to wait till we sub. We aren't looking for a clan to boost us via items/xp we just want a drama-free english speaking clan to spend out time in, that doesn't mean we won't help anyone we're dwarves and we know its our job up to some extent as it's our only way of "helping" the clan effectively presubs.
If any clans are interested you can PM me at Pickpocketlvl100 IG, usually past 8-9pm GMT+2.

Welcome guys!

You can check our recruitment post here

Have fun and see you in game :)

TheSpoil ~ Folk ~ Pipis
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Check out our recruiting thread

Our clan is constantly looking for skilled and active players, who don't need someone by their side 24/7.
We're using teamspeak, discord, facebook group for communication. Trying to participate to biggest fights on the server at epics, sieges or just normal raid bosses.
Clan TheSaints lv8, full skills+ch - Giran. We are in ally with Outlaws and Resistance. We are not the strongest side right atm of the server, but they are all still against us. If you want to play/fight with honor. Just straight respectful clan and ally, we are the only choice. We are using TeamSpeak3, we got CPs, we fight for everything(including: siege, epic raids, raids, constant PVE/PVP parties)... The major language is English, Outlaws are polish speaking, Resistance - english again.

Feel free to join the side of the server that actually got balls.

Feel free to contact in PM ingame/forum these: "RealH(CL-TheSaints), "Kumpis, "Anaconda"Smyndryk and any other saints member.

For more cycki (in chase you are polish) feel free to contact: "Kieyra(CL-Outlaws) and any other outlaws member.

For being the Resistance feel free to contact: "Healy, "Iska and any other resistance member.

I hope you think about it and see you in rice fields.  @Anaconda

There is our recruiting topic:
[Image: kD28fki.png]
If you wanna play in a mature and friendly english speaking community who is also expirienced and fighting for everything pm me in game and join Heretics. Good luck!
Damn Anaconda, I like that post dawg.

Welcome in our community.
Kieyra Bowborn of the House Proland, First of Her Name, the Uncaught, Queen of the Moonlight Sentinels and the First Archers, Empress of the Disciples, Breaker of Winds, and Mother of Outlaws.
Welcome !
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For Resistance!  Rolleyes

Thanks for the warm welcome, I've already PMd via forums everyone who offered an invite, I'll try to get in touch with everyone who replied to the forum PMs tonight, to hear what every "side" of the server has to say and make our choice from there. I was supossed to do this yesterday but I wasn't able to log in time, thanks again.

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