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herbs, SBs, mana regen
I joined the beta yesterday and noticed 2 things that bothered me:
1) I didn't see mobs droping herbs and I killed quite many of them. Are herbs disabled for beta?
2) I also noticed that mana would replenish really really fast (being a mage of course that was great but wtf?). Still I don't know if those two things happened only due to the beta mode of the server
Totally agree, on the first and second paragraph. Mana really quickly regen the mage. For hours on farm with off experience I have never sat down (on level 10)
[Image: c3talkinie.png]
I wanted to mention about the mana rate also, but after realising that the chests don't respawn, I'm 99% sure there is another bug, quite a big one. Did you guys check the npc drop lists for books? What I've realised is that when the chests don't respawn, that normally means that their are no books on the mob droplists. Hence nobody can learn 40+ skills, I can't check it atm on these rates, but as soon as the rates increase, I'm on it.
Hi mrbobe!
First of all, there were no settings modified for the beta regarding the issues you found. We'll have a closer look on the herbs. Did anyone else notice a herb dropping issue?
On the second, I didn't see anything wrong with the mana. 50x rates are coming soon for the beta. Keep us updated if the mana regenereation is weird at higher levels as well.
Thank you very much for your notices. Every single of your comments we have added to our work list. At the moment we are working on releasing the patch and changing the rates of the server. The server with new rates and new NPCs is coming out very soon today. As soon as we launch the x50 we will get to work to check and fix the problems you guys mentioned.

We are very grateful for your help testing the server

- ChinaTown
I can confirm herbs aren't dropping in starter areas but I don't remember if this is how it was on IL or not.

I haven't checked any higher level ares regarding herbs above level 20 zones as I'll wait for the x50 rates to do it easier.

Also as Amrx has mentioned the spellbooks not dropping from mobs is also very common and goes along with the chests not spawning bug. So there's quite a large chance they're not going to be added to mobs drop list. I will check this as well when the rates are increased. You can also check it yourself in the db using pmfun for instance.

I haven't played a mage yet but I'll create one and check in a short while to see about the mana regen.

It seems like you're using Vanganth extender yes?
In every IL server I have played there were herbs in starting villages, doesn't seem normal to me not droping herbs outside talking village. About the mana regeneration ,I was using the begginer's wind attack which costs around 10-15 mana and by the moment I had finished the spell and used the 10mana, the bar was instantly replenished in 2 seconds. Normally regeneration in low levels ( below 20 ) and without any buff is very slow and while standing, the player should regenerate 2-4mana each 2-3 seconds.

The chest/spellbook bug is quite common bug. I remember in an x3 IL server certain spellbooks would take 5-6 hours to drop in contrast to others, which would drop more often. While sbs don't have the same drop rate, it's still a bug if you drop a single sb after hours of hunting.

Possibly I ll be making a spoiler as well to see the chance and amount rates in action. Many servers failed cause of a buggy spoiling system ;)
When I reached 20+lvl mobs, at least out of Dion, started droping herbs at normal rate and the mana regen was normal as well.
I've investigated the following bug reports:
  • Treasure Chests not spawning/respawning
  • Herbs
  • A number of notorious spellbook drops
  • MP regeneration formula
All of the above were working correctly at the time of testing. If you believe these issues still persist, send me a PM.
Some notes on playing through 1-40. Maybe it would be helpful?
Talking island: not a single herb fell on the way to the vilage, not a single herb in obelisk of victory, not a single herb from the spiders
Dion: not a single herb outside the gates (hobgoblins etc.) , not a single herb from the lizardmen and golems up from 25 to 35 levels
Giran: Through levels 35-40 mobs near deathpass had around 30% of dropping herbs which mostly included mana or health herbs. Only two times there were power, atk.speed and magic herbs. Critical chance, Cast speed and other herbs not encountered.
After running out of newbie buffs exploring further is a difficult task indeed and I'm not keen on boxing another character for a beta :p

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