Poll: Do you want dawn 2.0 to have the same game mechanics as dawn 1.0?
Yes, no need to change anything.
No, i would change something.
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This poll will close on: 04-04-2021
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L2 Dawn 1.0 vs 2.0
It's the classic tryhard vs. casual suggestions here.

Tryhard suggestions like no CB oly, combat zones near epics, 2h epic windows, lower rates etc. Casual suggestions basically the opposite delaying oly, no combat zones, nerf destros, no boxes etc. Also anything else is "killing the server".

Personally I'd go with the casual suggestion 90% percent of the time, since nolifers will get to the top anyway. You make it harder, they stay longer. Doesn't matter if you delay oly for 1 month if they register on 1st day in IC+6, epics and perf. augments.

So my suggestion to keep this srv casual friendly:
- keep ways to avoid oly farmers (9 ppl for open, keep cb)
- no short epic windows, no combat zones
- nerf hero fear land rate a bit

Please don't do shit that's too hard to implement/test like balancing classes or altering quests.

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