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Dawn 2.0 new clans who coming Fraps
News clans in new dawn season who have plan come to try Dawn 2.0
Write clan name, nationality and some fraps from your tag
I don`t think i represent my clan but i know most of us will be here.
Was lazy to record the fights but here twitch did it for me. Almost no edits on this one

zerg ftw Big Grin
(08-02-2018, 05:40 PM)Firefly Wrote:
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zerg ftw Big Grin

Well our total play hours were way less than the smaller force but nolife mod. As you see pokeclub had a lot of heroes we had 0 heroes, 0 epics (not counting core rings Big Grin)  all their archers had AQ+Baium. We are casuals with no CPs old school clan system.

For some reason they were always fighting from the low ground. Guess they wanted to give us a chance.
TM were missing 1 more party to have chance.
I hope on new dawn season we all got rly good pvp ;)
I hope that every clan will give wars from the server start
I hope server got realy online 1k becase first season be lomg and good so secons season more ppl come here to play
I hope We will get Anyupdate on server start

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