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Give Away and a quick fix
Hello guys, 

to compensate the yesterday's accident we are giving away DAWN Runes to all of you. 

A DAWN rune will remain in your inventory for 24 hours and will: 
  • Boost your exp/ sp.
  • Boost your spoil/ drop/ adena rate.
  • Will give you a VIP name color.
The boost is 30 %. The 24 hour tick is active from the moment you receive it on your first login to the game. 

I would like to point out why we made this decision. Making a double exp event globally would require restarting the server twice. I think you guys are already sick of restarts, and also - some people would still miss it and would be unhappy. Now we don't want anyone to be unhappy. 

Runes are non tradeable, non sellable and have an expiration tick of 24 hours. 24 hours of boosted everything should be enough to get back on track of what was lost during the 8 hours to most of you. 

We also added a quickfix to item names that will be needed for the DAWN rune and future events. 

To view items correctly please download a quickfix: DOWNLOAD

We will be giving away Runes from tomorrow 2015/06/05 until Monday  2015/06/08. 

Note: Runes will NOT be traded by GMs directly in game: therefore, post your character name below to receive your rune. 

Your characters must be level 21 or higher to receive the DAWN RUNE. Only one DAWN RUNE is allowed per account. Only 2 characters allowed to receive RUNES for 1 player. 

Again - as a head GM I would like to apologize in the name of our all team for our errors in delivering you guys joy and for our mistakes. We have learned our lesson and we move forward, keen on making L2Dawn the best Interlude experience like never before. 
I'll post some friends since they don't have an account on forum.


[Image: vo1ljs.jpg]
[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
Quote:Boost your spoil/ drop/ adena rate. much?
Nick: Lili (I was 29 before reroll, now I'm 17, so I am NOT eligible for this rune?!)
hello , a little clarification how does the time go? ingame 20h or at the moment u give them ? u could give them the second i go off and i wold never even know i get them ;D
(06-04-2015, 11:51 PM)N1ghtBl4de Wrote: Nick: Lili (I was 29 before reroll, now I'm 17, so I am NOT eligible for this rune?!)

This is a measure to prevent from abusing the give-away. If you can - reach a lv 21 by Monday, if not - fill in the private case by pming me. 
(06-04-2015, 11:47 PM)Serotonin Wrote:
Quote:Boost your spoil/ drop/ adena rate. much?

I have updated the thread. The boost is 30 %

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