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[BETA] Participation guidelines

As promised, the Dawn 2.0 beta is starting.

What is Dawn 2.0 Beta and what is its purpose:

The main goal of the beta is to verify if the infrastructure and the game server are production ready. By incorporating players that are willing to provide feedback we are able to emulate a production server experience while at the same time being able to address them without any risks involved. This enables us to address any potential issue in a very organized manner by communicating with our beta testers closely. 

What Dawn 2.0 Beta is not:

Dawn 2.0 Beta is not a demo. It is not a HR pvp / sandbox version of our server. Nor is it a promotional tool.

How Beta works:
  • Our beta will be divided into various fragments and sessions. Each fragment/ session will have its specific theme set to make the lives of beta participants testing that specific theme/ aspect/ fragment of the game easier. For instance, specific NPCS, items may appear, specific event timeframes might be increased/ reduced and so on. Some sessions might last a few hours, while some might take several days, which means that some you may miss and some will be available for you to join for several days. 
  • You may choose to check / investigate specific sections of the game that are not covered by the beta. If such is your case, check our section "HOW TO JOIN" (below).
  • The server(s) might be restarted, wiped, switched to non-pvp, pvp, rebuilt several times through each session. The server will restore beta accounts automatically. 
  • Participants will be given access to a separate and closed Discord Beta room, where their findings/ ideas will be directly examined. They will also be able to communicate and collaborate with the GM team and each other in real time. 
  • Once complete, the beta sessions will close and everything will be completely wiped. Despite this, the participants will receive unique cosmetic rewards both in-game and on our new forums when Dawn 2.0 officially launches. 
Beta rules:
  • While appreciated, you are not required to participate in all sessions/ fragments. Feel free to test / join a session that interests you or has few participants. Regardless, the server will always be available for you to login. However, to be eligible for a reward, you will need to deliver at least 1 contribution during the beta (valid suggestion, bug found, possible solution idea, description etc.). 
  • As stated above, this is not a playground. Failure to behave in meaningful ways or disturbing the process in any way will lead to a removal from beta. Off-topic, nonsensical or insulting comments on the Beta's Discord room will also result in a removal from beta. No warnings will be given. 
Beta requirements:
  • You need to have a Discord application and join our Discord channel: 
    You are not allowed to view links.Register or Login to view.

How to join:
  • If you agree to the rules above and have met the requirements you can apply for Beta now. 
  • Send a PM to any of the Discord channel administrators. 
  • Indicate the following: 1) Have you played on Dawn 1? If yes, include your character name. 2) Why are you applying for Beta? 3) What are you most interested in testing and what tools would you like to have at your disposal? You can leave this field if you wish to simply participate in our premade testing sessions. 4) Your contact email (for us to send you a reward key). 
  • As soon as your request is verified and validated you will be sent: 1) Your account name and password 2) Link to the test game client 3) Any additional comments/ information if you made a specific testing request (see the bullet above). 4) A testing event calendar for your general awareness. 
  • You will also be given access to the BETA testers Discord room.
Beta server launch time:

September 10th, 2018, 18:00 GMT + 2

Registrations for beta are now open. 
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
[SERVER RESTART] Beta server will be restarted tomorrow morning at 10:00 GMT+ 2. We are looking forward to implementing the following with the restart (all the following changes are for BETA only)

1) Exp lock/ unlock function
2) Global chat
3) Buff NPC
4) Better GMShop (more options, more comfortable functionality)
5) Teleportation scrolls
6) A texture pack to support these changes(edited)
7) Working auto-learn for skills

Also: Permanent change (also for live server) : No items lost on death
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
Maintenance has finished. Here are the notes:

1) Enabled the .menu command which allows you to enable/ disable exp, autoloot and gives you some other features. We are still working on the class manager, so for now simply use the free quest marks obtained from the Beta Assistant in Giran.
2) Enabled Global Chat
3) Added new items to the Beta Assistant in Giran: Buff chests, teleport scrolls for towns and catacombs
4) A system update has been released to support these new changes. You must replace the old system with this new system to have the new Beta Assistant NPC working for you. Download it here: 
You are not allowed to view links.Register or Login to view.

5) Auto-learn has been enabled
6) Fixed: Items lost on death
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
Update log for beta: As requested the following have been added:
1) All new characters now start in Giran and have 1 Gold Bar in their inventory to solve the adena issue
2) Items: Mana Potion, Greater Healing Potion and Rice Cakes were added to the Beta Assistant (First selection)
3) Other consumables: Spirit Ores, Soul Ores, Holy Water were added to the Beta Assistant (First selection)
4) Epic RB prerequisite quest items were added to the Beta Assistant (Second from the bottom selection)
5) Book of Giants added to the Beta Assistant (First selection, last item)
6) Epic Jewels added to the Beta Assistant (Last selection)
To exchange the Gold Bar without having to walk to any NPC: Speak to the Beta Assistant, click on the first option (Soulshots, Spiritshots and Consumables), exchange the goldbar to adena
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
PVP is not prohibited. Interruption of GM organized test cycles is not permitted.
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]

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