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Phantom summoner
Anyone who knows how to play it? Anyone who can give some advices?
(No troll)
Just summon pet/cubics and go, you don't need any expensive gear or outside buffs, can solo to 3rd class with NG

some pet info

Shadow (30%, xp summon for hard spots) :
15% passive VR

Silhouette (90%, pvp/money making summon) :
life drain

Soulless (10%, basic xp summon/party aoe summon) :
poison cloud
corpse burst

Nightshade (5%, party support summon) :
hate/hex single target
hate/hex aoe
you dont need to know how to play it, just do oly games a nd u are hero
the best summoner's class to get tons of aa in catas/necros, just match with a buffer and a healer and use shadow summon that has passive vr
(09-20-2018, 02:16 PM)oldskool Wrote:
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Shadow (30%, xp summon for hard spots) :
15% passive VR

+ The one you planning to bot with
/fixed Big Grin

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