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L2Dawn acquires 2 new server machines and migrates to Linux

a quick new update regarding our development. 

We have managed to successfully close a deal and acquire 2 new server machines. These new machines will house our new website, new forum platform and some utility microservices. 

We are also abandoning the Windows Server environment and moving to Linux, further improving the performance and freedom of development of the Dawn 2.0. The server files platform itself will obviously stay the same - L2OFF.

We also don't feel okay that our last beta was inadvertently lacking the original server features so we are working hard to bring you the already merged server for some joyful testing moments.

Stay warm and cozy,

[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
Dorfy is excited! Beer
[Image: m7ce8.jpg]  
Awesome to hear!

Good to see that not only soft, but also the hardware goes well. Oh, and Linux is one of the best to run a server with!
Stay well and keep up the good work!

Greetz, Numerius Maximus.
Plus, you can also mine bitcoins on the servers

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