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Regarding the server launch
I know it's a rough question, but what should we expect as players from you in the future? What I mean by this is - How long do you think is it going to take to work out everything you need to finish the project.. Maybe in the next 2 months.. 4? It would be nice to know it, even if it's blindly said. How long is it gonna take to deliver the server at it's full potential? I hope I didn't sound too harsh and offensive with my way of talking, I am just curious! <3 much love to the team behind this project!
FeelsBadMan Wave
Thanks for all the info CT. I would like to ask about your earlier workplan described shortly on Discord stating you will progress like this:
website > advertising > final beta > live.

Does this mean that advertising of the server will begin by the end of april/early may?
Finished products are very rare in the gaming industry nowadays.
Nice that you don't rush the launch.
ChinaT take ur time for finishing and making all ready, we can w8, we just need a good server we can trust...
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
Any info about beta npcs/gm shops/lvling manager etc?

Also please decrease the raidboss respawn time to 20 minutes :)

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