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[HOW] Joining and participating in L2Dawn Beta 2.0
Dear L2Dawn players,

With Dawn beta 2.0 coming very soon I am happy to be finally able to post the instructions on how to join and participate. 

Index of contents:

  1. How is beta 2.0 different from beta 1.0
  2. The purpose of beta 2.0
  3. Requirements for participation
  4. Benefits of participation
  5. Joining beta
  6. Performing commands (creating account, (de-) leveling, spawning items, teleporting etc.)


  1. Beta 2.0 is final.
  2. Beta 2.0 is always open, available and fully automated and has no waiting processed involved.
  3. Beta 2.0 has Public Live Dawn 1.0 functionality embedded. Meaning what you had and saw on L2Dawn in 2015-2017 you can expect to find here.

While more often than not other servers treat their beta as a promo to demonstrate the status and quality of the server and perform some last minute checks, the purpose of BETA 2.0 is to garner feedback, test Dawn 1.0 compatibility with 2.0 as well as deploy final structures and systems that we see necessary. Most importantly, the beta is designed to listen to you and fix all issues should they appear. In other words, the purpose of our beta is by working with you bring an even better server.

Why are we doing this? We want Dawn 2.0 to last for a very long time and thus we want to ensure the live server is fit and ready for the long journey in time.


In order to participate in Beta you will need:

  1. A lightweight L2Dawn Interlude client (will be supplied on the day when beta starts)
  2. A Discord account for interacting with beta (see bullet number 6 for full guide)

Our goal is to make something much better than Dawn 1.0. By participating in BETA you will help us bring you the best Interlude server there is. Cosmetic rewards will be given when live server launches.


Joining beta is fully automatic.

1. First you need to download discord, make an account if you don't have one and join our Discord: (click here to join)
2. You need to download the L2Dawn Lightweight client. The client is designed to provide the most core Interlude functionality. Link to be provided when BETA launches.

NOTE: If you participated in BETA 1.0, then you can use the same client and can completely ignore this step.

Once these 2 steps are performed, congratulations, you are set and ready to change the world of Lineage 2.



All BETA functionality that a tester might need is provided via our L2Dawn API through Discord. The commands are very simple and provide an instant access to whatever functions a tester might need.

All commands are issued to our Discord L2Dawn Assistant, that you may find in our Discord room once the beta starts:

[Image: bot.PNG]

All commands begin with "!".

For instance, to get help from the L2Dawn Assistant itself, you can send this message: !help

The command will return a message containing all the help that you might need.

Creating accounts.

Following this pattern we can now create a game account. This can be done by issuing the following command to the L2Dawn Assistant:

!create_account <account_name>

For example:

[Image: createAccount.PNG]

This command tells the L2Dawn Assistant to create an account with the username "steve". The L2Dawn Assistant will then reply informing you whether your request has been fulfilled:

[Image: CreateAccountSuccess.PNG]

Great! Your account has been now created. The password is randomly generated upon request. Notice, the password field is obscured by default. To reveal it, simply click on the black box covering it. You can now login to the game.

NOTE: Maximum 5 game accounts are allowed per 1 Discord account.

Leveling and deleveling your character.

In a similar fashion, we can level and delevel a character with the help of L2Dawn Assistant:

!set_level <character_name> <level> <progress>*


[Image: setLevel.PNG]

The following command is a request to set level 78 for the character wqrew. The second number 0 is optional and represents an exp progress past that level. For instance, if we change the command to this:

!set_level wqrew 78 50

The character level will be set to level 78 and the exp bar will be filled with 50% worth of exp to the next level.

L2Dawn Assistant will always reply to whatever request you make informing you whether your request was correct and carried out successfully:

[Image: assistantReply.PNG]

as well as if not:

[Image: assistantError.PNG]

NOTE: You can only change levels for the characters that you own.

Spawning items.

If you want to give yourself a quest item, a weapon or a piece of armor you can do so by issuing the following command:

!add_item <character-name> <item-name> <amount>* <enchant>*

The last 2 values are optional. If you do not provide any values to them, the default amount will be 1 and the default enchant will be 0.

For instance, sending a message:

!add_item wqrew draconic_bow

Will give a Draconic bow to the character wqrew.

Now, let's try summoning 2 Draconic bows enchanted to +10:

!add_item wqrew draconic_bow 2 10

To summon 25.000.000 adena:

!add_item wqrew adena 25000000

NOTE: You can only summon items for the characters that you own.


To teleport to any location you prefer all you need to do is send the following command to L2Dawn Assistant:

!teleport <character_name> <location_name>


!teleport wqrew giran

Will teleport wqrew to the town of Giran. For your comfort, the Assistant will always try to teleport you as close to the nearest available Gatekeeper as possible.

NOTE: You can only teleport characters that you own.
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
Very impressive, good to see something fresh after such a long wait.

I must ask few questions.

1. Do you have any ETA for BETA?
2. Will there be any deadline for BETA or you have a different plan on closure?
3. Did you fix any of previously discovered errors? If so, could you present this to us in a form of list? So we do not have to check it once again?
4. Do you plan to add/leave any features working via discord after server starts? Like “Move to town”?
5. Will there be a action plan like we did on first BETA? Like testing raids at certain date for example?
6. Will there be a tool to spawn mobs, such raids?
7. Will you provide us with list of commands we can issue to Dawn bot, or everything will be displayed  under “!help” command?
8. What is the take on Q items if players wanted to obtain 1500 Ketra molars for example? Are those and misc items spawnable as well?
9. Did you decide on Q item drop rates and Q reward rates?
10. Did you decide on raid drop rate?
11. Are there any other issues you plan to discuss with the community? Like you guys did with Shadows or Major rates - either on forum or discord.
12. Will there be list of rules for BETA? Nobody wants to be suddenly killed while testing without his consent. We value our time, so should others.

Kieyra Bowborn of the House Proland, First of Her Name, the Uncaught, Queen of the Moonlight Sentinels and the First Archers, Empress of the Disciples, Breaker of Winds, and Mother of Outlaws.
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!
Inform the date please
my body is not ready
Can you provide dimenson fragments to GM shop?
Several years later I find myself back here and ready again! It's been a while all and thank you for the team here in working to bring back this amazing project once more.

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