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Cliext.dll issues

Starting from this September some mainstream antivirus programs have started reporting one of the client components CLIEXT.DLL residing in the Lineage 2 system folder as a potential virus. The issue has grown even bigger as we were approaching October with more and more antivirus applications marking it down as a potential virus.

This issue affects both clients - the old Dawn (2015 - 2017) and the current version. Currently as many as 16 popular antivirus engines are giving this false positive alarm.

You can view the full scan report here:

It goes without saying, that this is false and there is no virus. CLIEXT.DLL is interacting with the Lineage 2 process in order to provide mainly the client side bot protection and this is triggering the false detection by antivirus programs.

Running out of time, we are forced to ship our client with this issue currently unsolved. If you have any of the antivirus applications that are listed in the report above running and wish to participate in our beta, you will need to whitelist the Lineage 2 system folder. Chances are, the antivirus will delete the CLIEXT.DLL file, so if you receive this error when trying to start the game:

[Image: cliexdll.PNG]

you will need to restore it first through the antivirus interface and then whitelist it similarly to this example in the case of Bitdefender:

[Image: av.PNG]

We realize this is a critical issue and we are working hard on fixing it as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience
[Image: pRoGtYz.gif]
btw anyone who still using antivirus Kappa soft?
[Image: giphy.gif]


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