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Bug reports
Please submit a bug reports here
I know it's not related in here, but I already reported these bugs related to the game on Discord weeks ago, but weren't transferred to trello:

-Cruma lvl 3 still teleports out ppl higher than lvl 56, even thou this restriction was lifted during dawn 1

Gate of Splendor Room opening
-The wings of the doors can only be opened separately
-The opened door is open for 120 sec insted of 60
-You can open the doors instantly again without the 30 mins downtime
-You can open the gate with Unlock skill (which you shouldnt be able)
-Key of Splendor Room item does not open the door (however it's meant only for that)
How it should work: When you open the Gate of Splendor in the Monastery of Silence, the left and right wing of doors should open at the same time. The doors behave so that 60 seconds after they open and close, neither will open again for 30 minutes. The Gate of Splendor can not be opened using the Unlock skill.

After one uses MP or CP elixir the system window has a message how many MP/CP has been restored. For HP elixir this message is missing.

It should be regular field, not arena-like pvp zone.

Wedding is not working.

A and S grade arrows are sold by Goddard grocery NPC. Same problem used to be on dawn 1 as well, but were removed.

If I click on OK on a shop and I didnt put anything to my basket the system message is: "You cannot by more than 60 items at once".

Healing effect buff:
The Greater Heal skills and Chant of Life/Heart of Pa’agrio magic effects should permit receiving each others effects at the same time. In here one can recieve multiple of those.

Inventory shouldn't be able to be opened during shop/wh window is open, and accordingly should be automatically shut down when one of those gets opened.

Doors that cannot be destroyed, such as the castle gate and the clan hall gate shold be indicated indicated as “door” in the target window, and not "Clan Hall Gate" or "Castle Gate". They also shouldn't have an HP bar.

Castle privileges:
Couldn't test it due to lack of sieges, but on Dawn 1 most of the castle privileges were not working.

BETA bug:
I accidently ordered too much items from discord bot that it couldn't deliver due to weight limit restrictions. Since then (3 weeks ago) I get this system message ingame every 3 seconds: "You have exceeded the weight limit", even thou I have nothing on me.


HP and MP elixirs only share the same visual cooldown timer, but there is not the actual cooldown.

Clan hall privileges:
In clan privileges Clan Hall: Use Function privilege doesn't give the right to clan members to use clan hall functions. Instead Clan hall: Entry/Exit rights give it.

Add a feature to beta to powerlevel pets.

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