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Lineage 2 Classic Innova EU
ChinaTown you made a little confusion there. Your picture is from a pay to win server and thats Infinite Odissey EU server.

The server that i speak its a Lineage 2 Classic server. This server will be opened by Innova in colaboration with others including NCSOFT. It will be an official server.

This server was disscussed from long time... and it came after Koreans opened a classic server because NCsoft from Korea wanted to revive the classics for old players and fans. And the did! So there was a poll for opening a server in EU dating one year back. They wanted to raise 15k signatures and they got 16.5k.

The server is pay to play (no shop ingame will exist) not pay to win and it will be l2 classic ( they will have update systems ) i know they will start with L2 C1 and go with update through C2 C3 C4 C5 C6. I dont know at what intervals they will do this.

The bot problem would not be a huge problem (not on first three chronicles atleast) because when u die you drop. So its easy to make a train on bots and wait them to die. Not a good deal for bots. The drawn back is that there would exist the Russian spammers with adena Sad .

The thing with "pre-order" its like this: You pay more to play first (its good actualy because on the live date the server wont have a huge mass of players) + a bonus (you will get a ring with some hp bonus and an agathion) Whats with those? I realy dont know... the ring is something that you wont use it more than 20 levels and the agathion is simply useless... this was much discussed because WTF agathion? in l2 classic? but aswell as in russian l2 classic no one used agathions.

So ChinaTown you missunderstood. I was talking about old lineage 2 classic  server that will come live this winter and will bring back many old players from classic official servers like Bartz, Teon etc.
The only problem here is for North and South American players because their clans will play on EU server without them.
NCwest wants to open another server in America and they want the money from Brasil comunity so they forced Innova to restrict the support for them on L2 classic EU. They actualy can play on EU server with some tweaks but its a little more complicated since they are afraid that if they get ban there is no support for them. NCWEST sux.

Now what i want to say: I started playing on l2 dawn since begining. The community its ok but many left so i left (because i got bored to farm alone). Dont get me wrong its ok from time to time to farm alone on C6 but there where no other people farming nearby... so i felt like i was in  " I am Legend" movie.

I miss the old lineage where i grind and pvp allot.

Why old players of lineage 2 dont come here on dawn? What is missing?
Maybe proper advertise?

There are some tweaks at client as you can see the UI is changed and dmg display system. But those are improvements that wont change the classic gameplay. As you can see the cap level is 75 and no A, S grade, no third class change yet.

Innova has on Russia a classic server and some EU players play there but its a pain in the ass because the client is in russian language LOL and payment is not so easy to make + you need VPN for IP
We are slowly and constantly growing as people start to notice what is true and what is just for money. We are ok with that - there is no need to rush, we have resources in our hands and we are simply branding our name with trust earned in time. It takes time to grow up trust and faith, especially in such dark times for lineage 2. I don't want to appear negative, and forgive me for such a comparison, but I see the Lineage 2 community as a girl, betrayed for too many times and no longer trusting anyone, saying that all men, aka 'servers' aren't trustworthy. So our task to convince her otherwise will be elaborate and time consuming, but we are here for a very long time.

It is their server, so I have no right to speak of them, but in my opinion every business oriented L2 projects are doomed and are designed for short time profits. And it is nobody's fault - the game is simply too old. Pay to play, runes, premium and other nonsense. You also mentioned "preordering" - that is already a bad sign.

Your described pre-ordering scheme already puts players, that did not preorder lightyears behind others. One week is a huge period of time in game and giving away custom items already punishes the server community.

Also note, that companies are interested in profits. And that is normal. As soon as the project is not profitable anymore, hence bringing loss, it is closed. How long do you expect an old game server, a game that is nearly 10 years old, survive on a pay to play when giant modern projects such as Elder Scrolls Online, Archeage, Rift and many others are forced to cancel their subscription based models and rely on premium shops?

As for our advertising -

Note one interesting thing. The paid advertising. Our expensive banners and advertising have been on-air since our launch - that is May 8. I have seen many other banners during that time. I don't see them anymore. They were only before the launch, during the launch and that's it. We have been investing heavy funds into advertising since day 1 and we will continue doing it. That reflects our logic of a long term project, and not a short lived hype train.

Also, please don't embed links in your text. It simply violates the forum's etiquette. Every home has its' rules, please accept it. If you want to discuss with people about future projects, you can do so on an open-subject forums such as pmfun or/ and maxcheaters on their respective threads. Posting their content here is simply vulgar. 
As much as I was hyped before about l2 classic, I am pretty disappointed after doing a bit of digging on the web.
Don't get me wrong I wish them best of luck, hell I even might try it, just to check it out. But as I was saying before x1 and 1/6 drop rate is just to brutal for a working person. For Russian server it might work for EU I don't think so. Yep apparently people in mid 50s are still running in D gear. Big Grin

Nevertheless I do see how this rates might appeal to some, more challenge is after all more fun!

Now a full week head start will give all the Russian 24/7 party's massive advantage as there is not going to be any ip block for Asia, oh and yes they will come as they can easily dominate, everybody knows Russian L2 > any other L2 :):):)(( Also Isn't innova a Russian Company and game is run by Russian GM's currently ?)) and if anybody did not know the EU version is going to have IP block for North and South Americas,(Ekhm more milking) saying that pro 24/7 no life parties after a week will be able to easily PK and stop low lvl players from exping, which is the norm for Russian servers. No Mercy Big Grin

Secondly there is not going to be any descent bot protection, as innova is obtaining there client from the Russian one, which apparently is run by bots.

From Innova forums:

 " 18, how do innova plan to tackle bots? and adena farmers? is it purely from player reports (which i do several of) or time in game? or is frost robust enough to tackle it for them?
Amarantha - We use a range of methods to track and block bots for both Classic and main servers. Those methods include in-game checks and players reports. "

This bot protection lol ?

" As we would like to provide the best gaming experience for our players, Lineage 2 Classic will be subscription-based. Subscription fee will be revealed upon the start of preorder or earlier.
   As much as we regret to say, our service will not be available for players from North and South America. "

Also there will be only one client available per account, so you can dual box if you have more, provided you pay subscription for all of them... so it is a bit p2w i guess?
p2p might attract the older generation but i don't think same working people can afford the time to achieve anything on them rates.

Finally as China pointed out Its a business for them once they stop making enough money they will eighter implement a shop eventually or simply close the servers.
Correct. I was exited too.... you know.. the old school gameplay, but as u people say RU community can ruin the game easly with their sabretooths that play 16 hours / day.
I thinked aganin and it can be hard to play there with a job in RL. I mean, i will pay lets say 12E / month and after that i could play 3 hours and not every day... i think i could be lvl 40 in 4 months :)).

After all i could do that if i know its a stable servers but as you guys say nothing is stable when it comes to l2...  Maybe Dawn will be alive many years from now, i hope.
I played at Russian CLassic, Gran Kain server, played for 2 months. All i can say it is really hard if you pick archer/dagger/any melee character. I was with shillen knight (ofc i was just level 28 after 2 months) after a month i bought second subscription, because it was impossible to move on without spoiler/any income. Server was always 5000/5000 you had to try your luck logging in on rush ours. i was playing around 4-5 h/ day, all i can say it is one of the best experience after playing just interlude servers, classic>anything i would say.

Check twitch channels, it is 1 year as RU classic is opened, and those who play 12h++/day are 63 level

about botting: in Korean classic it was allowed/it is allowed. Russian stricly sayd NO to bots, and they banned alot, i remember after 1 month they did BAN wave, banned about 10000 accounts Big Grin but still you were able to find some bots at night( its not bad, because you can get drops from them, with mob trains and disconnect)
nice ty for info, although i dont think i can invest 5 years to get to oly. :<
Can i use bot services to l2c like this one?
(09-09-2015, 12:39 AM)ChinaTown Wrote: in my opinion every business oriented L2 projects are doomed

I have come to the same conclusion. 
Because even if at the start there is no pay2win and only cosmetics and maybe 1st/2nd class change for real money, after 1-2 months time the cash flow will noticeably drop and when a business-oriented admin sees this then he has no choice but to change things and try to make money. 
Changing things after 2 months = dead server 1 month later.
The only hope for a fun server (imo) is a philanthropist admin.
Changing things "after 2 months" is completely okay - it's about the method rather then decision. "Community oriented" server, would only have to discuss this here on forum beforehand.

While we trust China with his input, we cannot rest assured he's going to set everything as it supposed to be at the very start. He himself said, that he is not a player anymore - that makes it easy for him to make a wrong decision - even after having BETA for months.
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